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10 Most Romantic Outdoor Spots in the Czech Republic



Czech Republic

Here are some great places to go on a date or a romantic walk with your soulmate if you plan on visiting the beautiful Czech Republic.

  1. Teplice Rock Town

Teplice rocks are massive rock walls rising to the very sky (in some places above 70 m) and the largest mountain labyrinth in Central Europe, narrow valleys, and mysterious caves. Walking on the Teplice rocks is about admiration and adrenaline at the same time. The area is well prepared for tourism, but compared to Adršpach rocks, it is harder to walk here.

  1. Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Adrspach is the largest rocky city in the Czech Republic. It is located in the Adrspach-Teplice Rocks – the largest natural complex in Central Europe, which has been inspiring tourists and travelers since the 18th century. You will not see such several picturesque corners as in the Adrspach-Teplice rocks practically anywhere. Many bizarre rock formations are led by hiking trails; some can only be reached by stairs. Those who overcome all the steps will be able to admire the mountain lake and the Adrspach waterfall.

Most Romantic Outdoor Spots in the Czech Republic


  1. Vrtbovska Garden

Baroque terrace-shaped garden in the Italian style – the Vrtbovska Garden can rightly be called one of the most beautiful places in Prague. Finding it is not so simple – it is sheltered between the houses, and the entrance to it is open only through the courtyard of the Vrtbovska Palace, which can be reached from Karmelitska Street.

  1. Czech Grand Canyon

In this place, the famous Western “Lemonade Joe” was filmed. Once, unwanted political prisoners were also brought here. This place is called Big and Small America. This incredibly beautiful place is located near the Karlstejn fortress in the Czech Karst, but not all tourists visiting the castle get to it.

Most Romantic Outdoor Spots in the Czech Republic (3)

  1. Devil’s Chair in the Eastern Sudetes

If you feel bored in a relationship, then visiting the Devil’s Chair in the Eastern Sudetes is a great way to spend some much needed romantic time together. The beautiful natural viewing platform of the Devil’s Chair (Čertovy kazatelny) is located on the way to the ancient Ryhleba fortress (3 km) in the Ryhleb mountains. The site is a formation of gneiss cliffs with a high and wide southern wall, which in shape resembles a pulpit. It offers a beautiful view of the canyon and relict forests. You can get to this place by car; parking is provided for tourists.

  1. Besedicke skaly

A secret prayer house of Czech brothers and wonderful views await you in Besedicke skaly. A walk through the rocky labyrinths of Kalin and Oleviste in the Bohemian Paradise region will be an unforgettable romantic adventure. If you are interested in geology, you will love the nature trail with its information signs. You can walk through this complex with children who are going to love the narrow corridors between the rocks.

Most Romantic Outdoor Spots in the Czech Republic (2)

  1. Kampa Island

The island called Kampa is one of the most magical places in the Czech Republic. In its central part lies a park. Here you can also walk along the oldest bridge over the Chertovka River, which separates the island from the coast. It is on this bridge that lovers hang locks on and throw keys into the water – as a symbol of eternal devotion and love for each other.

  1. Peklo

Despite the frightening name, Peklo (translated from Czech as hell) is a rather popular and very beautiful national park in the Czech Republic in a romantic valley at the confluence of the Metuje and Oleska rivers. This name was given to the park in honor of the old Pekelec mill, which was rebuilt according to the project of architect Dusan Yurkovich into a tourist restaurant with elements of folk architecture. The restaurant is decorated with different features, and on its menu, you can find several dishes that are decorated according to the hellish nature of the place.

Most Romantic Outdoor Spots in the Czech Republic (4)

  1. Pančavski Waterfall

Pančavski waterfall in the Krkonoše National Park is the highest in the Czech Republic. Its height is 148 meters. The cascade falls from the rocky steps to the Labskaya Valley. Ambrozhova’s observation deck is located near the waterfall, which offers a beautiful view of the valley and mountains.

  1. Hruboskalsko rock city

Between the Waldstein fortress and the Hruba Skala castle near Turnov, in the Bohemian Paradise region, there is an unusual area called Hruboskalsko rock city. There are more than 400 natural towers, the highest of which reach 50 meters.

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