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How to Write a Scholarship Essay about Career Goals




Career (Italian: carriera – running, life path). Career is the trajectory of development, movement. Every person builds it himself in accordance with his own goals, desires, and attitudes.

In order to write a scholarship essay about your career goals, you should decide what to write because the concept of “career” is very extensive and includes many stages of human development in terms of not only developing the qualities of a good employee but also becoming a person, self-development.

Choice of Profession

Describe what profession you are going to choose and why. Write about the advantages of your future profession and convince why you are going to choose just this one. Obviously, reveal how your personal traits of character match with your choice of profession. Write what has influenced your choice. Maybe it was a vivid example of your parents or other people important to you. Surely, it’s much easier to reach any tops in the profession that is your lifework.

How to Write a Scholarship easy

Career Goals

First of all, it’s important to formulate to yourself what you really want and what is valuable just for you. Try to write directly and frankly, while remaining honest with yourself. If you are not honest, there is every chance that your essay will be considered unnatural. And what is the worst wrong goals may spoil your life. So, try to answer the question in accordance with your character — Do you want to be a leader or a deputy. A leader is in charge of everything and everyone, he has a variety of duties and responsibilities, but, at the same time, he has got freedom in making decisions and planning directions and resources. But a good deputy is worth its weight in gold. He must be a professional, and his career goal has to become the best and irreplaceable. The main advantage of a deputy is that he can do the work he likes without excess responsibility for the оrganization of the process.

Importance of this Career Path to You

Success at work provides opportunities for an interesting life. This is material security, the opportunity to travel, to see the world, to communicate with outstanding people. This is respect among professionals. It should be shown that for you, career growth is directly related to the necessity to realize your abilities and talents, to feel the importance of your business, and not to waste your life. We bet you realize how important your career is. If you feel like you need extra help with application that potentially defines your success, address WriteMyPaperHub with your request “I need someone to do my essay” to get fast writing help from experts for a successful scholarship. 

When people talk about their life, about their careers, it often concerns where they work, how much they get, what position they are in.  Career is not where, how much and how you make your money. A career is what kind of person you become when you choose a business to which you devote your time or your whole life. Write about how it will affect you. What kind of person will you be when you go along the chosen path?

How to Write a Scholarship

More Specifics

You should write what special steps you need to make in order to make your wish come true. In school and college professors and career, the supervisor tells you that you should work hard to achieve your goals and remember about constant competition. 

In your essay, you should show that you understand that there is only one way out. To study! All the time and never to stop. To learn, to build your life yourself, from the very beginning. Obviously, you need to list all the main steps on your road of career growth and name its final goal. 

For example, here’s how it can look like for the profession of manager:

seller—consultant—sales manager—deputy director—the owner of a company—owner of a network of firms. It is the “owner of a network of firms” that will be the result of a professional path, the peak of career. 

Personal Qualities

Name personal qualities that will help you to achieve your goals. For example,  tremendous willpower and assertiveness, optimism, professional competence, and all the other qualities that a person of your future profession should possess. 

You may also stress that your goal is not to make a career no matter what and who but only thanks to your own efforts and knowledge and professional skills.

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