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Breathe Into the Shadows Review: Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh and Nithya Menen Bring Their A-Game in This Engrossing Thriller Series



Breathe Into The Shadows Review: (Disclaimer: The review is based on the first four episodes that have been sent us as part of preview). Sr Inspector Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh) is back and this time, he brings new demons from his past. While his personal life shown in the previous season are only given fleeting or no mentions – divorced wife gone to Paris, Madhavan’s son is absent – he is now racked with guilt over an operation gone wrong. Breathe Into The Shadows: Nithya Menen Opens Up About Her Character in Her Digital Debut.

But before we talk about what’s up with Kabir, let’s talk about the Sabharwals from Delhi. Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachchan) is a criminal psychiatrist, who is a top name in the field and helps police in disposing off arguments where criminals plead insanity. His wife, Abha (Nithya Menen) is a chef, and they have a daughter Siya (Ivana Kaur).

During a birthday party of her friend, little Siya is kidnapped by an unknown masked person, who had earlier abducted a medical student. For nine months, the frantic Sabharwals are never contacted about the kid. And then suddenly one day, the mysterious kidnapped contacts them, and he has a strange task for them.

Watch the Trailer of Breathe Into The Shadows:

The first season of Breathe was well-appreciated for its twisty narrative, the emotional moments and the performances of R Madhavan and Amit Sadh. The second season builds up on that, with an even more engaging, if heavily inspired, storyline.

Mayank Sharma, the director of Breathe 2, has done an adept job of keeping things engaging and fast-paced, while also extracting good performances from the cast. Breathe Into The Shadows Teaser: Abhishek Bachchan Goes On a Search Of The Kidnapper of His Daughter (Watch Video).

Both Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menen, making their OTT debuts, bring their A-game into the series. Abhishek, who is shown mostly composed and subdued throughout as his character should, was really good in the scene where he finally lets go off his emotions and breaks down at the police headquarters.

The talented Menen bring a lot of gravitas as the anguished mother, who finds blame in her husband for not being careful enough. At times, her character comes off as unreasonable, but we can forgive that seeing the mental agony Abha is going through.

Amit Sadh continues his impressive form from the first season, this time looking more ripped and more damaged. The scene where he reluctantly faces the victim of a past failure is well-done, especially his performance in the scene. Hrishikesh Joshi, who plays his assistant, is also really good. Saiyami Kher has appeared in only two scenes till now, and I think she has a more interesting arc ahead. Though I was getting a deja vu feeling of the Talaash conundrum with her character and Avinash, and I hope that’s not the case.

That’s for the performances. As for the show itself, Breathe Into The Shadows is very gripping. Although the antagonist seems very inspired by John Doe from Se7en in using the sins of humanity against them (here, it becomes the 10 vices of Raavan), the games he plays with the Sabharwals in carrying out his errr… tasks are engrossing to watch. What’s good here is that, it is not just Avinash, but even Abha gets to go beyond the grieving mother caricature and is pushed in the murkiness. In fact, grief and desperation make her a more dangerous asset than the calculative Avinash.

With the arrival of Kabir in Delhi, it gets even better as the cop finds himself handling a murder case that could, in the future, bring him to the Sabharwals.

That said, Breathe Into The Shadows‘ screenplay leaves some very gaping plotholes that never get answered (and probably, will not be done so ahead). Like how Avinash plants pigeons in a potential victim’s car, while getting access to the vehicle, and that too in a public place in broad daylight. Or where does he get a JCB from in a crucial scene? Or for the matter, why the police never looks at this aspect?

Even Kabir’s introductory situation, where he is shown imprisoned for six months for a mission gone wrong, doesn’t really make much sense. Especially, when he is immediately reinstated into service once out of prison. It does annoy that the series falls for convenience and cliche tropes, when you purport yourself to be a smart thriller. But the engaging pace and the intrigue in the premise make us overlook them. At least for now.

Technically, Breathe Into The Shadows is decent enough, with the cinematography (S Bharathwaaj) and the editing (Sumeet Kotian) helping to make the show a compelling saga. The grim background score is another highlight.


– The Cast

– Engaging Throughout


– A Few Plotholes

– Reliance on Convenience Tropes and Cliches.

Final Thoughts

Breathe Into The Shadows continues to traverse on the good footing from where the first season leaves. It is a return to form for Abhishek Bachchan, while Nithya Menen is impressive. And Amit Sadh continues to be underrated as ever. Breathe Into The Shadows streams on Amazon Prime Video from July 10.

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