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How to Write a Scholarship Essay about Career Goals




Career (Italian: carriera – running, life path). Career is the trajectory of development, movement. Every person builds it himself in accordance with his own goals, desires, and attitudes.

In order to write a scholarship essay about your career goals, you should decide what to write because the concept of “career” is very extensive and includes many stages of human development in terms of not only developing the qualities of a good employee but also becoming a person, self-development.

Choice of Profession

Describe what profession you are going to choose and why. Write about the advantages of your future profession and convince why you are going to choose just this one. Obviously, reveal how your personal traits of character match with your choice of profession. Write what has influenced your choice. Maybe it was a vivid example of your parents or other people important to you. Surely, it’s much easier to reach any tops in the profession that is your lifework.

How to Write a Scholarship easy

Career Goals

First of all, it’s important to formulate to yourself what you really want and what is valuable just for you. Try to write directly and frankly, while remaining honest with yourself. If you are not honest, there is every chance that your essay will be considered unnatural. And what is the worst wrong goals may spoil your life. So, try to answer the question in accordance with your character — Do you want to be a leader or a deputy. A leader is in charge of everything and everyone, he has a variety of duties and responsibilities, but, at the same time, he has got freedom in making decisions and planning directions and resources. But a good deputy is worth its weight in gold. He must be a professional, and his career goal has to become the best and irreplaceable. The main advantage of a deputy is that he can do the work he likes without excess responsibility for the оrganization of the process.

Importance of this Career Path to You

Success at work provides opportunities for an interesting life. This is material security, the opportunity to travel, to see the world, to communicate with outstanding people. This is respect among professionals. It should be shown that for you, career growth is directly related to the necessity to realize your abilities and talents, to feel the importance of your business, and not to waste your life. We bet you realize how important your career is. If you feel like you need extra help with application that potentially defines your success, address WriteMyPaperHub with your request “I need someone to do my essay” to get fast writing help from experts for a successful scholarship. 

When people talk about their life, about their careers, it often concerns where they work, how much they get, what position they are in.  Career is not where, how much and how you make your money. A career is what kind of person you become when you choose a business to which you devote your time or your whole life. Write about how it will affect you. What kind of person will you be when you go along the chosen path?

How to Write a Scholarship

More Specifics

You should write what special steps you need to make in order to make your wish come true. In school and college professors and career, the supervisor tells you that you should work hard to achieve your goals and remember about constant competition. 

In your essay, you should show that you understand that there is only one way out. To study! All the time and never to stop. To learn, to build your life yourself, from the very beginning. Obviously, you need to list all the main steps on your road of career growth and name its final goal. 

For example, here’s how it can look like for the profession of manager:

seller—consultant—sales manager—deputy director—the owner of a company—owner of a network of firms. It is the “owner of a network of firms” that will be the result of a professional path, the peak of career. 

Personal Qualities

Name personal qualities that will help you to achieve your goals. For example,  tremendous willpower and assertiveness, optimism, professional competence, and all the other qualities that a person of your future profession should possess. 

You may also stress that your goal is not to make a career no matter what and who but only thanks to your own efforts and knowledge and professional skills.


5 Things That Can Help to Enhance Your Career in Business



Help to Enhance Your Career in Business

A career in business can not only be a rewarding one, but it can also provide you with the flexibility to work in a specific area that you prefer. You can find positions working in a variety of industries and in multiple types of roles. With so much to offer, a career in business is certainly one that is worth pursuing.


That being said, to reap all of the benefits and explore all of the possibilities that a career and business allow, there are certain things that you should look to do to enhance your career and to make yourself the most viable candidate as possible. The best way to give yourself the most likely chances of success is to take specific steps to enhance your career and take your skills and talents to the next level.


The road to finding success in business isn’t always an easy one. There are a variety of obstacles that you will face along the way. However, with the right preparation and level of dedication, you can truly enhance your skills and take your career in business as far as you want to.

Help to Enhance Your Career in Business

1. Education


First and foremost, anyone who is looking to take a career in business as far as they can should begin by obtaining the right level of education. It is important to earn a basic degree in business at first to gain a baseline understanding of the field of business. There are many skills that you will develop when you earn a business degree that will help you to get your foot in the door with an entry-level job in business.


It is important to note that anyone who seeks to have a successful career in business should adopt the mentality that learning is a continuous part of the job. You cannot succeed in business unless you resolve to spend a portion of your time and energy, acquiring new knowledge and understanding about the industry in which you work.


Moreover, there are many jobs in business that are only open to those who have acquired an even higher level of education. A Master’s in Business Administration, or MBA, a degree is practically a prerequisite these days for promotion in the world of business. If you can find a concentration to pursue, you can make yourself more marketable in your specific field.


In choosing a concentration that is based not only on your experience thus far but also your aspirations, you can demonstrate to hiring managers and those in positions of power alike how capable you are of taking on more responsibility and bettering yourself. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of choosing a concentration for your MBA, you can click here.

Help to Enhance Your Career in Business

2. Guidance


At some point or another, you are going to need to ask for advice and guidance about how you should proceed in your career or what steps you should take to progress professionally. It is important to understand that there is going to be so much that you don’t know. Having the humility to know when to ask for guidance is the most important thing.


In your efforts to obtain the right level of guidance throughout your career, it can be helpful to have a mentor. A mentor is someone who has been where you are and who has achieved things in their careers that you hope to achieve as well. This person is someone that you can look up to and turn to in those moments when you don’t quite know which steps you should take.


Finding a mentor who is a good fit for you professionally can take some time. It might very well be that your place of employment has a mentorship program in place that you can turn to. You can apply to such a program and be matched with a mentor who can serve as a career-long source of guidance for you.


If such a program doesn’t exist at your place of employment, that doesn’t mean that your chances of finding a mentor are lost. There are many ways that you can find the right person to serve as your mentor. Perhaps you already have someone in mind that you are comfortable turning to with questions about your career. It might be a more informal mentorship that you have, but that can still be an incredible professional relationship to have.


When you are looking for a mentor, there are some key qualities that you will want to look for. Not only should your mentor have the skills already that you hope to also develop on a professional level, but they should have the heart of a teacher. Such a person will likely be ready and willing to act as your mentor and professional guide.

Help to Enhance Your Career in Business

3. Connections


In the world of business, there is a great deal to be said for having valuable connections that help you to advance your career. Your professional connections can play an important role in your efforts to enhance your career and to take things to the next level. Even though there is more to a successful career in business than having strong connections, it is a crucial element to your future success.


Building and maintaining your professional network is an effort that is going to stretch the length of your career. It is always a good idea to start as early as possible. While you are still in school and throughout your time earning any advanced degrees, you should look to connect with as many as your peers as possible.


As you progress in your career, there will be opportunities to connect with others in your field at professional networking events and corporate events. You should be ready and willing to participate in these events and make the most out of the networking aspects that they have. Learn how to communicate at such events and reach out to others to build up your professional network.

Is a Master of Arts in Education Right for You

4. Specific Goals


While there are many things that you can do in a practical sense that will allow you to enhance your career, they can all be a bit on the misguided side unless you have specific goals in mind. Without knowing and understanding what your specific goals are, you cannot possibly hope to discover what the right steps are to achieve them.


Your goals are those things that you turn to in those moments when you feel your motivation lacking. When you aren’t sure what steps to take, keeping your goals in mind is the only way to know where to take things.


That being said, knowing your goals isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You might have some vague idea about where you would like your career to take you, but if you are ever going to get there, you will need to figure out some particulars. This will require some self-reflection and thought about what you want to accomplish.


It is important to note that just because you can lay out your specific goals, which doesn’t mean that they won’t change and develop along the way. As you progress in your career and learn more about who you are as a professional and where your natural skills and talents lie, it is very likely that your goals too, will develop. You should be prepared to identify and accepts these changes in your path if and when they come about.

Help to Enhance Your Career in Business

5. Feedback


Throughout your career, there are going to be times when feedback is going to come your way. It can be difficult to open yourself up to critical feedback, but you must learn to do so. Whether criticism comes from your superiors or if your peers have something constructive to comment about your performance, you should be ready and willing to take it all with a grain of salt.


Critical feedback can be a valuable tool when taken in the right context. Getting defensive about such things won’t allow you to learn and improve from them. Instead of taking professional criticisms personally, look at them as an opportunity to develop and grow. Keeping the right perspective in mind as you are given such feedback can help you to identify better your professional weaknesses and those areas in which you need to place more focus and energy.


It is also worth adopting the habit of seeking out feedback. While things like employee reviews and routine feedback are going to come up every now and then, anyone looking to enhance their career shouldn’t wait to seek out feedback. Whenever you have the chance to take part in or even lead a project, for instance, you should also request to know what your superiors think about your work performance.


Seeking out feedback and be uncomfortable, especially if you feel that you are out of your league a bit, but it can truly be a valuable tool in your efforts to enhance your career in business.

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