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Is a Master of Arts in Education Right for You – What You Should Know



Is a Master of Arts in Education Right for You

If you’ve been working in your chosen career for a while now, you may be starting to question whether it’s right for you. Maybe you want to excel further or faster; maybe you need more of a challenge; or perhaps you just want to qualify for that job promotion so you can start making more money. It’s just not practical to assume that the career you start in is the one you will stick with your entire life. People change, trends change, skills and demands change, and your career is something that needs to keep up.

One of the best ways to change direction is to go back to school so you can learn a whole new skillset, expand your knowledge, and build on your foundation of understanding. Of course, picking the right path or course can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re not sure of the direction you want to take. So, with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Master of Arts in Education, what it is, who can enrol, what you can expect from the programme, and what kind of career it can lead to.

Is a Master of Arts in Education Right for You

What is a Master of Arts in Education?

The Master of Arts in Education, also known as the MA Education, is a programme that is meant to give students the kind of knowledge, insight, and skills they need to excel in a career that has an educational aspect to it. The curriculum itself focuses on research, theory, policy making, and then implementing various practices in the education industry. Not only will students take a regional approach, but the programme also has a global education aspect to it, prepping you for a wide range of opportunities.

Is a Master of Arts in Education Right for You

What Are the Entry Requirements?

Of course, you need to be sure that you meet the entry requirements for such a programme, which are a 2:1 Honours degree or equivalent in any subject area. You can also qualify with a 2:2 Honours degree, or equivalent in a subject with work experience that would be relevant.

In general, this tends to be a popular programme choice for those with a career background as an educator, administrator, teacher, lecturer, education officer, education advisor, education specialist, mentor, youth worker, and so forth. The idea is that you’ve already got that solid base and you’re now looking at the management and leadership side of education.

Is a Master of Arts in Education Right for You

How Long Does the Programme Take?

While it’s great to further your education and prepare to step into that next career move, most people aren’t willing to give up a huge amount of time doing so. Once you make a decision that it’s time to change direction, it’s normal to want results in a hurry. An online MA Education programme takes 24 months to complete, which means you could be stepping into your dream job in just two years. By enrolling in the online version of the programme, you will also be able to work in your regular job simultaneously, which means you don’t have to give up your income in the process.

Is a Master of Arts in Education Right for You


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What Kind of Job Can You Expect?

The next big question is what kind of job the MA Education can lead to. After all, you want to know it will all be worth it and that the end career is something that interests you and suits you. It’s important to point out what this programme doesn’t offer – which is that it will not qualify you to be a teacher here in England. This is because it does not automatically lead to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). Considering teachers are often the ones enrolling in it, this isn’t usually an issue.

Once you complete the programme, you can work in both traditional and non-traditional educational settings, which could be enough of a bonus for you. You could work to create and implement education policy development, work as an education consultant, in an education department, on training and development, curriculum development, and more.

Some of the more common workplace settings include schools, universities, colleges, museums, youth centres, and even prisons.

Is a Master of Arts in Education Right for You

Other Reasons to Consider the Programme

Besides opening the door to new careers, there is the fact that you will open the door to greater earnings potential. If you have been stuck at the same pay for a while now, and haven’t been able to qualify for a raise, this could be the move you need to make.

Then there is the personal growth factor in that any time you learn new skills and techniques, you are going through personal growth – and that’s a very positive thing. It helps to keep you engaged, interested, and challenged in your job – which increases overall job satisfaction. It may also make it possible for you to achieve goals that you had set out for yourself that you weren’t sure you’d be able to reach.

Then there is the fact that the MA Education can open the door to the corporate sector, which can be a difficult transition to make otherwise. If you’re used to working in the non-profit sector, that change to the corporate world can seem scary and intimidating. The MA Education will arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to not only apply for corporate positions, but to appeal to potential employers.

Business Management MSc

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Finally, this is a great way to really hone in on an area of specialty that you can then focus on in your career. Any time you have an area of specialty or a niche, it helps to make you more in demand and take on the role of an expert in your field, which employers tend to love.

So, while a MA Education is not necessarily going to appeal to everyone, or act as that all-important step to help them transition to their next career move, for many it is exactly what they need. At the very least, it will challenge you to step outside your box, broaden your skillset, and make you that much more effective of an educator or teacher.

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Life Hacks to Use While You Obtain Your Business Management MSc



Business Management MSc

You will encounter a number of challenges, obstacles, and periods of stress and anxiety in life. It’s normal, it’s natural, but it doesn’t mean it’s out of your control and that you can’t make the situation better.

One of the most common periods of stress can be during your higher learning years, as there is a lot to cover and absorb in order to head out into the working world and realise success. If you are currently enrolled in a Business Manage MSc programme, or you are gearing up to start one, then the stress is probably already hitting you. You need to complete all your assignments on time, hand in high-quality work, do well on tests and exams, and ensure you get all you can from the programme.

If you find the stress and anxiety is just really getting to you, then it’s time to stop, take a closer look at what you’re doing that is feeding into the negativity, and look for ways to alleviate those feelings. With that said, here are seven life hacks that will help make things a whole lot smoother while you obtain your business management MSc.

Business Management MSc

Create a Schedule for Yourself

A great place to start is by creating a schedule for yourself that you stick to. This can help alleviate those feelings that you will run out of time, or that you have too much to do. If you plot everything out in your schedule, and then stick to it, you’ll get everything done on time. Writing it down on a schedule also helps you to remember so that nothing slips by unnoticed.

If the idea of writing everything down on a calendar and carrying it with you seems far too archaic, then be sure to check out the many time management and scheduling apps that you can make use of.

Business Management MSc

Opt for Online Distance Learning

Another tip is to re-imagine how you obtain your Masters in Business Management and choose an online distance learning platform. Choosing to obtain your Masters online means you won’t have to worry about attending classes on-campus and in-person. It also tends to offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling, you don’t have to live near the school campus, and often it ends up being the more affordable option – which means less money worries.

The online offering still teaches you all you need to know in order to excel in business management, covering such important skills as problem-solving, critical analysis, decision-making, technical, and even presentation skills, yet you do so in a way that is more convenient and flexible for your lifestyle and your schedule.

Business Management MSc

Embrace Tech Tools Meant for Students

Today there is also a whole host of tech tools that are meant to make a student’s life easier, more organised, and more efficient. These include everything from high-powered laptops, to Smartwatches, note-taking apps, and even smart devices in the home. Once you dive into the world of tech tools and gadgets it’s like a bottomless pool of opportunities.


Always Be Prepared for Class

Whether you are attending class online or in-person, it’s also very important that you show up prepared each and every class. This means having all the pertinent reading material, notebooks, laptop, textbooks, assignments, and so forth in front of you and ready to go.

Business Management MSc

Stop Procrastinating – Keep on Top of Things as They Come In

This is one of those tips everyone is aware of, and they realise it’s what is best for them, but it’s often incredibly hard to stick to. Procrastinating is something most people are guilty of, at least once in a while. Putting things off until the absolute last minute is nothing new, but it is a recipe for disaster, stress, anxiety, and worry. You can avoid all of those unpleasant feelings just by staying on top of your work as it comes in, and tackling things on a consistent basis.

If motivation is the problem, then it may help to join a study group. Sometimes, having that accountability to others will help to keep you motivated. It also helps that you have people to bounce questions and ideas off.

Business Management MSc

Give Yourself Downtime – Step Away from Schooling

It’s very easy to get caught up in all the things you should be doing, but what about downtime? Did you know relaxation and rest is just as important? This is what helps your body and mind to refresh and reset, allowing you to then be more focused and energised when you get back to work.

If you don’t have many opportunities for downtime, it will be important you make use of the time you have. This means engaging in activities that help you to calm the mind and body and live in the moment. Great activities to try include biking, hiking, swimming, dancing, meditation, Yoga, Pilates, gardening, soaking in a tub, and reading.

Business Management MSc

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Another way to stay grounded and stress-free is to make sure you’re spending time with family and friends. Although it may be less time than you’re used to, any chance you get to see them, chat with them, and share a laugh with them will benefit your mental health.

A Healthy-Balanced Diet Will Do Wonders

Did you also know that what you eat and drink will affect your ability to focus and concentrate, thereby affecting just how much success you have in your Business Management MSc programme? There’s really no trick to it, and there are no special fad diets you need to be aware of; instead, it is about healthy well-balanced choices and portion control. Those two rules will ensure that you get all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and calories you need to stay healthy and fit.

So, rather than just accept that stress, worry, and anxiety will be part of your higher education experience, why not take some proactive steps to alleviate those negative feelings and set yourself up for a more positive experience?

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