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Raksha Bandhan – Puja Viddhi




It is widely believed that the wife of God Indra, Sanchi, created “Raksha” to protect her husband against the misfortunes of war. This moment in time led to the creation of Raksha Bandhan and the subsequent puja’s that have been performed since in the hope of obtaining wealth and living a healthy as well as a successful life.

We all know Raksha Bandhan as the festival where a brother and sister honor the respect they have for each other while also promising each other protection from all that’s evil. Funny thing is, we’ve all been doing this for years but most of us don’t even know what’s to be added on the official puja samagri’s… let alone the actual procedures to be followed during the ceremony.

But that’s not all Raksha Bandhan is about. It is also practiced in an attempt to remove all sorts of negativity and evil from one’s life. This part of Raksha Bandhan has nothing to do with siblings and the bond they share.

If you curate a pooja samagri the right way and follow the Raksha Bandhan puja viddhi, you and those participating with you are bound to be blessed.


So, what is the official process of a Raksha Bandhan Puja?

The steps have been listed below for your reference:

• Begin your day early in the morning between 4 am – 6 am and take a bath (preferably before the sun rises)

• It’s then advised to perform Deva and Pitra Tarpan, a puja that allows your ancestors to hear your prayers.

• The main puja for Raksha Bandhan should only be performed during the Aparahna time.

• Tie Rakhi’s to the wrist in the form of a Raksha Potli or Raksha Bundle.

• The Raksha potli or bundle is to consist of gold threads, white mustard, and unbroken ice.

• The Raksha Potli should be placed on top of a clean cloth and is to be laced with coloured fabric made using cotton.

• Ghatasthapana can also be added during this pooja.

• Clothes and sweets should be offered to Bhudeva.

• After you’ve made offerings to Bhudeva, it is advised to pray to Raksha and tightly tie the Raksha potli to the wrist. The mantra given below can be recited during this process.

Once your puja is done using your Raksha Bandhan puja samagri, all you are left with is the most famous part of Rakhi, the official ceremony where the sister ties a Rakhi onto her brother’s hand. The process has been listed below for your reference.

The Correct Way To Tie A Rakhi On Raksha Bandhan

Most people don’t actually know, but there is an official way to tie Rakhi’s. The steps have been listed below for your reference.

• The sister is supposed to apply a Tilak on her brother’s forehead.

• The sister then ties a rakhi on her brother’s right hand.

• This is followed by the brother receiving a coconut.

• After the above, the brother can then give his sister the gift he chose for her.

• If the brother is married, the sister ties a “lumba rakhi” or “Bhaiya Bhabhi” rakhi onto the brother’s wife bangles.

• Afterward, the sister in law will tie the Rakhi on her left hand.

• The sisters are supposed to offer sweets to their Bhabhi and subsequently, the Bhabhi also gives Pagalagai to the sister.

• After the above-stated actions, the sister will apply tilak on her nephews and nieces.

So, we hope your Raksha Bandhan in 2019 is more auspicious than it’s ever been. Follow the above steps, and it surely will be


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