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RIP Sushant Singh Rajput: From Getting Meryl Streep’s Autograph to Spending a Night at Playboy Mansion, Actor Once Shared His Bucket List in His Now Deleted Insta Posts




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RIP Sushant Singh Rajput: From Getting Meryl Streep's Autograph to Spending a Night at Playboy Mansion, Actor Once Shared His Bucket List in His Now Deleted Insta Posts

Sushant Singh Rajput (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The news of Sushant Singh Rajput died of suicide is a new mighty blow to the already grieving industry. The actor was apparently suffering from clinical depression and was found hanging at his Bandra residence. He was a fine actor who successfully made his transition from small screens to big ones. Known for his craft and the sincerity that he brought to his roles, Sushant was a rising talent. He was always so ambitious that he once created his own bucket list of 150 dreams. The dreams that he wanted to come alive and fulfil for his own sake. Sushant Singh Rajput Passes Away: Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Anupam Kher and Other Celebs Express Deep Shock (Read Tweets).

From dancing with Madhuri Dixit to enjoying a morning walk on the Great Wall of China, Sushant’s dreams were a beautiful blend of reality and fantasy. Here check out his list of 55 out of 150 dreams. Sushant Singh Rajput Dies: Virender Sehwag, Saina Nehwal, Harbhajan Singh, Others in Sports Fraternity Express Shock on Actor’s Sudden Demise.

  1. Get a flying LICENSE.
  2. Send 100 kids to NASA’S workshop.
  3. Participate in the Iron Man triathlon/ Marathon
  4. Perform the double- site experiment.
  5. Play football with Ronaldo
  6. Spend a night alone in the graveyard.
  7. Own a Lamborghini.
  8. Write a book.
  9. Play a cricket match(telecast) with my left hand.
  10. Get me a graduate degree without taking any tests.
  11. Fulfill wishes of 100 mothers.
  12. Make a music video on cymatics in a Mexican cenote & near Egyptian sphinx.
  13. Attend a concert by Abida Parveen.
  14. Stargaze at Roswell & watch_ theory.
  15. Build the biggest library in India.
  16. Space training at NASA.
  17. Click a selfie with Robert Downey jr. in Iron Man outfit.
  18. Sing and play guitar in front of at least 10k people.
  19. Dive to real Dwarka and investigate underwater.
  20. Discuss time & Films with Christopher Nicholas.
  21. Own a part of the moon.
  22. Fishing & reading “The old man and the sea” while I’m still young.
  23. Join forces with one of the finest & biggest education programs
  24. Discuss national policies with the PM of India.
  25. Spend one full day & night in my hostel room in Delhi College of Engineering(BMH-131)
  26. Look at the northern lights and paints.
  27. Create a unique Superhero.
  28. Burning man
  29. Write & direct a short story.
  30. Dance with Madhuri Dixit.
  31. Spend 3 days with an ancient tribe in a jungle.
  32. Find my friend Varun & party hard in Vegas.
  33. Make and execute a plan that would enable at least 1 Billion people.
  34. Go to Kailash and meditate.
  35. Attend a Pink Floyd concert.
  36. A Day in CERN
  37. A day in LEGO
  38. A night in Playboy Mansion.
  39. Get your name in Guinness world record.
  40. Enable 100 last wishes to come true.
  41. Earn an India jersey.
  42. R&D on unidentified aerial phenomena
  43. Morning walk on the great wall of China.
  44. Enable at least 100 dreams.
  45. Pot 4 balls in one smile on a billiard table.
  46. Hold your breath underwater for more than 10 minutes.
  47. Meditate with virtual reality(Fractals)& binaural beats. (Schumann’s Resonance)
  48. Learn 3 musical instruments (Guitar, Drums & Flute)
  49. Antarctica
  50. Read Vedas on your own and find R&D of the Vedic technology(yes)
  51. Discover a new place underwater.
  52. 10 consecutive bullseyes in archery (Left-handed)
  53. Learn Kriya Yoga(yes)
  54. Witness an active Volcano
  55. Get an autograph from Meryl Streep

The feeling is saddening when you realise that his dreams will never be fulfilled. Sushant was touted as Bollywood’s new blue-eyed boy. His last release Chhichhore was a huge hit at the box office and he was looking forward to his next release, Dil Bechara. Sushant’s tragic demise has left a huge void in our hearts which will never be filled.

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Reacting to the accident in February, Haasan had spoken about the compensation being a means to help the families monetarily and could in no way recover the loss that they had incurred. He was quoted saying, “This is not a compensation for what we have lost, its just a first-aid for the families. The permanent solution is to prevent such accidents.”

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