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‘The Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln Returning in Season 10 as Director



Andrew Lincoln is returning to The Walking Dead in a directorial fashion for its tenth season.

The actor who has played Rick Grimes since the AMC show’s first episode in 2010 is set to part ways with his role, at least on television, in the upcoming ninth season. However, he will be returning to the set before Season Nine concludes production and before having a heavy behind-the-camera presence in Season Ten. “I’m going back,” Lincoln told EW. “I’m going back to shadow a director, and my intention is to direct next year.”

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Watch Produce 101 with the English Subtitles



Watch Produce 101 with the English subtitles

Produce 101 is the famous series release in japan, Indonesian, and some parts of the world. The entire concept is somewhat different and simple. This season is derived from the temporary project which exposes the team of popularity among the members. It completely describes the winning situation of the participants with some complications.

The casting comprises of  Victon Myteen who is the competitor of UP 10tion group boys. These series currently airing in the name of Produce X 101

When members of boy groups Up10tionVicton and Myteen were revealed to be competing in the currently airing season entitled Produce X 101, it is unsurprising that the news was met with mixed reactions from fans who are torn between wanting their favorite idols to experience guaranteed-success debuts but having to deal with the long-term aftermath of what it means for the group as a whole.

Watch Produce 101 with the English subtitles

Produce 101 is a famous Korean pop company they are working hard to show their publicity for every negative and positive consequence. Many small to big companies cannot reach this sort of publicity in this easy way. Especially the rookie groups who has the more opportunity to show such kind of these shows.

In the end, the members of the team are not permitted to promote the original things including the momentarily building. The team has announced that the winners of the current season will get in the contract for the consecutive five years. this situation creates a sense of urgency.

Watch Produce 101

The story is moving in the way of promoting either the core members or the entire team. The lead of the team who is always precise and trying to avoid himself in the first place. Myteen belongs to the Rookie group others Kim Kookhen and Yuvin consider this their final attempt to stand the name Produce 101. Being they have performed their debuts a couple of years before. Myteen completely works on the little support he is receiving from his company. Kookhten , junseop and chunjjin have participated in another band named JTBC’s Mixnine . in this situation former member Taevin left the group and begin with his acting skills.


Kim Jonghyun who is the recent comeback of the team NU’EST, which is the miraculous and top groups in the K-Pop, since from their evaluation they have a successful story. Some ridiculous things in the Produce 101 are managing the dispute with the UNB.

Here goes the story, at the climax the Produce 101 does not ensure the success of their groups and the entire team is working hard to convert the short term success to the permanent one. So the k-Pop focuses on the efforts easier than the harder if the company continues to work hard in this way.

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