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9xMovie : If you belong to the pool of people who like to spend their leisure time watching movies, you can consider yourself to be in the majority. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like getting indulged into the fictional world of drama, and if not a leisure time activity, many people treat it as their favourite hobby. Furthermore, it is not just this generation that has developed the taste in movies. The craze of films has been since the days when everyone had to wait for every Sunday just to see their favorite movie being telecasted. Agreed that our generation has quick and privileged access to movies which were just not possible back in the days, but compare our time with the one having only a cable connection and nothing else. Yes, we are fortunate.

9xMovie 2018/2019

Remember how Doordarshan was our only choice of watching a movie? And that too, once in a week. Times have changed pretty much since then, and in the world today, we have access to the powerful Internet that has the ability to present you with the latest flicks on the mere act of a single click. The best part is, you can watch any movie, anytime, anywhere. No boundaries whatsoever. And thanks to the rapidly advancing technology, almost everyone has access to the latest smartphones making it easier to download and watch free movies. There are a ton of apps available for Android users which enables them to watch the latest flicks anytime. Having a large library of movies from around the globe, you can download these apps from 9xmovie 2018.

It has movies from various film industries from around the world, and the collection is not just limited to Bollywood or Hollywood for that matter. The 9x movies app has movies ranging from Bollywood, including Tollywood, and going all the way to some Korean flicks as well. What’s more? You can even watch the dubbed version of some of the best Tollywood and Hollywood ventures.

9xmovies App: One of a kind

The app is a lone warrior in the field of providing the best and latest collection of movies from all the languages and genres. Apart from allowing you to watch your favorite movies, it also allows people who couldn’t watch movies because of the language constraint to watch dubbed movies online. No need to ask your friend to translate every line of your favorite movie Just download the 9xmovies app and download the vid mate app to stream action-packed Hollywood, Tollywood films at your fingertip.

Hollywood: The place of action-packed flicks

One thing that we all movie lovers can agree upon, is that the Hollywood flicks have action sequences that are out of the league for Bollywood as of now. However, there have been Bollywood movies trying to match the level of Hollywood, but they have been unsuccessful as of now. Accept it or not, but we all switch to Hollywood flicks the moment we get an urge to watch some action-packed dramas that could take our entertainment to a whole new level.

Also, there is one thing that Bollywood movies cannot match and that is, the action sequences in the Tollywood movies. For that matter, no other film industry in the world can match the level of fighting scenes shown in the South India films. They have a different taste when it comes to directing action flicks for their audience. Whatever be the case though, we just cannot ignore the fact that these movies bring in a lot of entertainment. And to watch these movies, well, download the 9xmovies app.


Quite a known fact it is that smartphone has made our lives easier in many ways including the one where you don’t need to step out from your home, and everything and anything that you want will be delivered straight to your door. These handheld devices have helped the movie fanatics to get their dose of entertainment easily, with just a matter of few clicks. It is because of these apps that more and more people are now aware of different movies releasing worldwide. It was not the case earlier where we had no clue which is doing what in the neighboring country. Apps like these have made it possible for us to step into the other film industries and watch what content they are making.

If you have doubts regarding the video and sound quality, ret not, these apps provide the best of them both to ensure that you have a glitch-free entertainment. However, sometimes the apps are loaded with advertisements and it may become frustrating for the users. Doesn’t matter where you click on the screen, it will open the browser window and load some unwanted websites. But, for what they are offering without any cost, this much is acceptable. Although, the video quality is amazing so that just adds the cherry on the cake.

These apps have a built-in video player that enables the viewer to watch the video without even installing any other external application. Furthermore, these media players allow the users to pause, jump forward, backward, and even download the movie so that they can watch the movie any time as per their convenience. So, next time when the movie geek inside you rumbles, head straight to your browser, search for 9xmovies and enjoy the entertainment that would be on your fingertips. Read More news at Storify News

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Prabhas becomes the second Indian after Raj Kapoor to win ‘Russian Audience Heart’ award



The pan India superstar Prabhas has brought massive news for the Telugu cinema lovers and Rebel Star fans as he has won the prestigious ‘Russian Audience Heart’ award for his performance in the Baahubali: The Beginning that was released in 2015.

Prabhas is the second Indian to win the prestigious award. Three decades ago, the legendary Bollywood actor Raaj Kumar was honored with the ‘Russian Audience Heart’ for his evergreen performances in movies like Shree 420, Awaara, and Aradhana.

Recently, the official Tweeter handle of the Russian Embassy in India tweeted and shared a clip from Baahubali 2 that the film is being aired on a television channel in Russia. The dubbed version of the movie has been telecasted in Russia and the audience went gaga over this periodic ancient drama.

Along with the video clip, the Embassy wrote “Indian cinema gains popularity in Russia. Look what Russian TV is broadcasting right now: the Baahubali with Russian voiceover!”

Prabhas’ fan following is increasing day by day. Recently, he crossed 14 million followers on the popular social networking platform Facebook, making him the South Indian actor with the highest number of followers on Facebook. Allu Arjun with 13.1 Million followers is at number 2 among the South Indian actors.

On the work front, Prabhas is currently working on his upcoming film titled Prabhas 20 along with Pooja Hegde. The film is directed by Radha Krishna and it is being made simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil, and, Telugu. UV Creations and Gopi Krishna Movies have produced this romantic action drama film.

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