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Which Are The Best And Most Affordable Portable Speaker Systems?



Which Are The Best And Most Affordable Portable Speaker Systems?

Selecting what is considered to be the best or even the most affordable is fairly difficult to put a name to it, a lot of thought process needs to go in towards it by analyzing each and every single detail behind the speaker system, asking questions and answering them along the way.

Well the results of this would totally be worth it as seeing which is “the best” and which one would be more “affordable” as putting the two together is very limiting and realistically speaking no system can be the best and affordable at the same time. So having options of both keeps options open to go for either or, but though one system may be cheaper that does not mean it loses any quality, in the contrary they still keeps the brand quality up high but yet keeps the price at a more reasonable price for people who may not be able to go way over their budgets.

Without further explanation, let’s take a look at what is considered the best and most affordable brand and product  for personal PA systems.


Being with the brand that has the more affordable speaker systems, Mackie is the most of their speakers are the most affordable you can get yet still keeping the quality control on check. Designed to improve the quality of sound no matter the speakers location.

But which model exactly would be the one that is the most affordable and would be perfect to use, generally speaking they all are very good speakers that holds different specifications to them, but well the Thump 15 stands out the most in this case.

Thump 15 is good when it come to listening to the bass, it separates the highs and lows which is then distributed to the right speaker for it. What really separates it from all the rest is its phase correction and drive time alignment, being the two key essential features that makes the sound stand out.

But overall what the most important factor is how it is portable for any on-the-go concerts or general performances which the whole speaker weighs only 15kg and fairly durable to carry and transport around. It thoroughly is a value for its money.

Some other Mackie speakers that may stand out to other is the SRM550 and SRM650, size wise the SRM650 is 15” (38cm) where as the SRM550 is 12” (30cm) but between them they are similar with its sound but the 650 has more solid base to it. Both very durable as well for travelling around as a musicians, the 550 has four different modes being PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist which you can adjust to whichever would be more preferable for you.

Same as the Thump 15 these two are also very affordable and would have no problem staying within budgets for speakers with quality.


Moving on with which is thought out to be the best portable speaker system in 2019, which is rightfully designated to them the Bose F1 (also known as Model 812 in its technical name).

It’s very unique and interesting design for the use of all portable needs, from concerts, house parties to any other location. Being able to change shape which can be done at any given time whilst the music is playing, switching from Straight, C, J and Reverse J shape. These 4 shapes can be done through a simple push and pull on the arrays to adjust according to your preference on position suitable for each location and covering all areas that can be considered “blind spots”.

The really interesting and hooking part about the speaker is how whenever the shape is being changed and positioned differently the EQ within the system changes automatically and adjusts to what would suit the tonal balance need.

Though this speaker is much more expensive compare to others that you may find, the outcome that you would get every time using it is irreplaceable, you won’t be able to find anything like it. Wherever you set it up, it will feel like a concert has just begun. Being able to change the coverage pattern all depending where the audience are, makes the whole speaker extremely versatile just by having the option there.

But let’s not forget to mention the all new Bose S1 portable speaker, much smaller and easier to transport around. What makes it so different compared to all the other speakers is extremely portable size, as well as having a 3-channel mixer built within and being able to connect through Bluetooth. Some additional features would be it’s built in reverb, tone controls and line out.

Seeing the difference between all these speakers, in the end the choice is yours on which one you think is worth your money. It would be best to begin your own comparison and build your own views on each portable system before you actual purchase it.


Things That the Mobile Phone Store Clerk Won’t Tell You



HONOR 20 Pro

Every industry has the most internal news in every industry. And the same is true for smartphone store. Today’s article will teach you users about things that are not told to users in the mobile store.

Let me first talk about what users are more interested in. That is, what is the profit of the mobile phone shop? The profit is high for mobile phones without its own online sales platform. A mobile phone can be sold for 10-100 pounds. The lower profits are large mobile phone manufacturers like HUAWEI that have their own sales platforms. The profit of a mobile phone sold by HUAWEI is about 10-20 pounds.

It is estimated that every user will encounter this situation when users buy a mobile phone and get a mobile phone card. This article advises users not to take advantage of this kind of small advantage. In fact, most of the packages applied by the mobile phone cards sent are not used at all. If the user has broadband in his home and he has a suitable phone number, this kind of mobile phone card is not recommended. These mobile phone cards have no value at all, and a treaty will be signed when these mobile phone cards are used. After that, the user must pay the phone bill every month.

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Shopping guiders recommend mobile phones to users. This is not which model the shopping guide thinks the user is suitable for, but what tasks the shopping guide currently needs to complete. Shopping guides receive many mission requests from mobile phone manufacturers every day. If the shopping guide did not sell the phones required by the mission, he would get much less money. When shopping guides recommend mobile phones to users, the models they recommend have a very clear purpose.


If the mobile phone shop cooperates with the mobile phone card operator, the profit is higher. Mobile phone shops help mobile card operators to develop new users. They will receive rewards ranging from 10-30 pounds. In addition, mobile phone card operators are willing to pay a little money for each new user developed. In this case, many users will buy mobile phones with these small gifts. But in fact this is wrong.

HONOR 20 Pro

Finally speaking of subsidies. In fact, when the employees in the mobile phone shop first came into contact with this industry, their wages were very low, basically hovering around the lowest line. But they can rely on commissions and subsidies to sell mobile phones to reach 1,000-2,000 pounds. Especially in smartphone store, small offline shops are easier to make money, and they also have the business of repairing mobile phones. However, HUAWEI has many products with a long warranty period, and users can go directly to the official HUAWEI experience store for repairs during the warranty period.

The above are some things that laymen don’t know about the interior of the mobile phone store. I hope this article will help you when buying a mobile phone.

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