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Why an Online Charging System Is a Must Have for Any Telecom Business?



Core telecom operations are complex. Even more complex are the operations related with billing and tracking of day-to-day customer interactions with the system. Given the requirements of modern-day customers, the challenges a telecom entrepreneur faces are immense and it is tough to streamline the workflow by employing rudimentary methods.

Major telecom operators have found a solution to these problems in the form of a magic wand that goes by the name of Online Charging System (OCS). This amazing yet under-utilized software can handle subscribers’ account balance and perform a number of operations without breaking a sweat. In the current competitive telecom market, it would be foolish to overlook the importance of this magical solution and delay its deployment.

What an Online Charging Solution Offers?

Everyone in the telecom business has heard about OCS. However, due to lack of knowledge and probably due to expenses, some operators shy away from integrating it into their business operations. If you are amongst those who still haven’t made up their mind, then have a look at some of its benefits that may change your outlook.

  • Event and Session Base Charging– Not all services provided by telecom operators are billed the same way. SMS services are charged on per event basis and voice calls are charged on the basis of the length of the session. An OCS is able to account for both services type and serves as a single point for tracking this vital piece of information.
  • Allows for Balance Management– One of the biggest gripes customers have with their telecom service provider is that they sometimes make mistakes while managing their account balance. Be it intentional or unintentional, a mistake made by telecom operator with regards to balance management can sway a customer into disconnecting the subscription. OCS makes use of account balance management function (ABMF) to keep track of the customer balance at all times and ensures it is maintained correctly.

How to Choose OCS for Your Telecom Operations?

An OCS online charging system must have the following functionalities for it to be effective in today’s telecom world:

  • AI-powered OCS– Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming popular in the world of today. Ensure that your OCS is integrated with AI to automate tracking processes.
  • OCS backed by Real-time hosting – A real time charging systemwith real-time hosting services is the need of the hour today. For telecom operators who require the interactions to be transferred to their network on real-time basis should look for this feature in the OCS they employ.
  • Redundancy– Customer interactions should never be lost. Make sure that the data is stored on multiple locations to prevent against data loss.


Things That the Mobile Phone Store Clerk Won’t Tell You



HONOR 20 Pro

Every industry has the most internal news in every industry. And the same is true for smartphone store. Today’s article will teach you users about things that are not told to users in the mobile store.

Let me first talk about what users are more interested in. That is, what is the profit of the mobile phone shop? The profit is high for mobile phones without its own online sales platform. A mobile phone can be sold for 10-100 pounds. The lower profits are large mobile phone manufacturers like HUAWEI that have their own sales platforms. The profit of a mobile phone sold by HUAWEI is about 10-20 pounds.

It is estimated that every user will encounter this situation when users buy a mobile phone and get a mobile phone card. This article advises users not to take advantage of this kind of small advantage. In fact, most of the packages applied by the mobile phone cards sent are not used at all. If the user has broadband in his home and he has a suitable phone number, this kind of mobile phone card is not recommended. These mobile phone cards have no value at all, and a treaty will be signed when these mobile phone cards are used. After that, the user must pay the phone bill every month.

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Shopping guiders recommend mobile phones to users. This is not which model the shopping guide thinks the user is suitable for, but what tasks the shopping guide currently needs to complete. Shopping guides receive many mission requests from mobile phone manufacturers every day. If the shopping guide did not sell the phones required by the mission, he would get much less money. When shopping guides recommend mobile phones to users, the models they recommend have a very clear purpose.


If the mobile phone shop cooperates with the mobile phone card operator, the profit is higher. Mobile phone shops help mobile card operators to develop new users. They will receive rewards ranging from 10-30 pounds. In addition, mobile phone card operators are willing to pay a little money for each new user developed. In this case, many users will buy mobile phones with these small gifts. But in fact this is wrong.

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Finally speaking of subsidies. In fact, when the employees in the mobile phone shop first came into contact with this industry, their wages were very low, basically hovering around the lowest line. But they can rely on commissions and subsidies to sell mobile phones to reach 1,000-2,000 pounds. Especially in smartphone store, small offline shops are easier to make money, and they also have the business of repairing mobile phones. However, HUAWEI has many products with a long warranty period, and users can go directly to the official HUAWEI experience store for repairs during the warranty period.

The above are some things that laymen don’t know about the interior of the mobile phone store. I hope this article will help you when buying a mobile phone.

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